Tushar Bhushan

Junior Programmer


    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Minor

    2011 - 2013

    Manipal University, ICAS

    Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering

    2009 - 2011


  • Languages

    C, C++, Javascript, HTML 4.0/5.0, CSS, Python, Node.js
  • Frameworks

    Hadoop, Bootstrap, express.js
  • Databases

    MySQL, MongoDB
  • Concepts

    Algorithms, Data Structures, Networking, OSI Model, Operating Systems, User-Interface Design, Bash Scripting, Sockets Programming


  • SendGrid


    Developer Evangelist

    Aug 2015 - present

    • Creating technical content for publication for the company blog and other channels to show developers how to implement specific solutions or use new technologies.
    • Organizing and volunteering at local, national, and international developer events.
    • Speaking and sharing my expertise at user groups and conferences.
    • Educating and empowering developers, giving technical workshops and brown bags.
    • Writing production-quality code and contributing to Sendgrids's open source helper libraries and other projects.
    • Building partnerships with individuals, companies and organizations that serve the developer community.
    • Connecting and networking with other developers and entrepreneurs to identify how Sendgrid might help them be even more awesome.
    • Gathering and socializing product feedback that will inform engineering, sales, and marketing decision making.
    • Supporting our developers wherever they are, on forums, social media, and everywhere in between.

  • Keen IO


    Open Source Developer

    May 2015 - Jul 2015

    • Contributed to open source projects both internal and external (Internal: Keen-PythonClient External: Ghost)
    • Co-authored blog posts for the company blog to better explain how to use the product effectively
    • Developed a means to track to the effectiveness of developer evangelism built with express.js and firebase
    • Worked on product support to answer customer questions and surface issues/feature requests to the relevant team

  • Yahoo


    Service Engineer

    Dec 2013 - Mar 2015

    • Identify the priority and criticality of incoming alerts and prioritize appropriately
    • Diagnose & repair issues using critical knowledge of Apache, UNIX processes, MySQL and related technologies within the OSI stack.
    • Track issues through the ticketing systems and follow through to resolution
    • Utilize monitoring tools to proactively identify issues and trends
    • Write clear and concise operational runbooks
    • Escalate significant issues to service, network or other operations engineers
    • Lead by example, deliver results and eliminate missed opportunities
    • Work with new technologies such as HIVE, Oozie, Hadoop, HBase etc., that work on distributed system technologies

  • Yahoo


    Technical Intern

    Jul 2013 - Aug 2013

    • Designed, implemented, tested, and deployed new data processing algorithms according to requirements specifications
    • Investigated and compared infrastructural changes for improved performance and data throughput
    • Designed database schemas and reports used to meet the company’s ongoing business demands
    • Familiarized myself with design, implementation and performance of file-systems, content delivery and large-scale distributed systems
    • Familiarized myself with NFS, HTTP, TCP/IP as well as with the entire Hadoop tools ecosystem (PIG, HDFS, HBASE, etc.)
    • Learned in-detail the day-to-day lifecycle of a new product, from beginning to end, and working with a large codebase

  • WPGU Radio


    Social Media Intern

    Feb 2013 - Jun 2013

    Brand development, web site traffic growth and advertising. Maintained and analyzed social media traffic and ROI (return on investment). Worked on integrating social media aspects to the website.

  • oSTEM


    Jerry Sander’s Creative Competition

    Nov 2011 - Dec 2011

    Built a robot to manoeuvre through a course picking up/depositing objects and performing similar tasks Designed a basic working arm for the robot to accomplish aforementioned tasks Reviewed the design; Programming logistics; SQL Based Web Application

  • College Magazine - Manipal University



    Aug 2010 - Jun 2011

    Organised editorial board meetings Manipal University, Manipal Supervised the editorial team, consisting of 4 senior and 4 junior members Published the official college magazine for 2011 Interfaced with foreign universities to acquire funding

  • College Magazine - Manipal University


    Editorial Board Member

    Aug 2009 - Jul 2010

    Contributed to the official magazine Manipal University, Manipal Proofread and edited articles


  • Distributed Systems (MapReduce/Hadoop)

    • Designed and Implemented a working MapReduce implementation
    • Implemented a distributed grep protocol to aid in testing
    • Designed and implemented a failure detection mechanism based around a modified ring failure detection protocol
    • Designed and implemented a distributed file system along with replication control mechanisms

  • Tabify

    A Spotify app that would provide synced guitar tabs to help play along with your favorite songs.

  • Implementing TCP over UDP

    Implemented a Sliding Window Protocol and simulated TCP over a UDP connection (which occasionally dropped packets) in C. The Sliding Window ensured reliable transmission using acknowledgements (ACKs) for received packets. Also implemented Congestion Control in order to reliably transmit packets in case of bandwidth congestion by adjusting the size of the sliding window dynamically based on the level of congestion on the network.

  • Visualizing hadoop/mapreduce performance metrics

    • Developed from the ground up, a framework to visualize the key performance metrics of several pipelines running at Yahoo! on the Hadoop grid
    • Provided significant insights into how code changes or outages have affected job performance on the grid.
    • Worked from the design of the architecture all the way to its complete implementation
    • Performed data collection and modeling using python and mysql
    • Developed a backend server using node.js/express.js
    • Used the bootstrap framework along with Jade (templating) to implement an easy to use UI, as well as ensure a responsive design (mobile• friendly)
    • Implemented Highcharts/d3.js to visualize the data being collected
    • Wrote unit tests for each of the components listed above using the mocha/chai testing framework.